How to import demo content in wordpress

In WordPress, we have both free and premium themes available. We generally see the live demo before we purchase the theme but, most people may find it difficult to configure the same content, images and widgets on our website, after purchasing the theme.

So to make it easier for you, I am going to explain a step by step process of setting up a theme as you have seen on the demo site.

Step 1: Download the theme

Downloading the theme is the first step in setting up your theme. Download the theme from the site where you have bought the theme and install it through your WordPress dashboard. (Appearance => Themes => Add new => Upload theme). After the activation of the theme, please install the plugins required to make your theme fully functional.

Step 2: Install the required plugins

As you learned in the above step, you need to install the required plugins to get a functional theme. The installation of the required plugins is a simple process in which you have to go to ‘Plugins’ section on the left sidebar and click on the link of ‘Install required plugins’ to install the required plugins. Soon after the installation, just activate all the required plugins.v

Step 3: Import demo content

We can do the demo import in two ways, one is using ‘Demo Import’ on theme options and another is importing ‘.xml’ data file.

The One-click demo import option may not be available for all the themes, so you have to check for the ‘Demo Import’ option in the theme option. If the ‘Demo Import’ option is available, you can simply click on it and choose the template you want to install.

After the selection of the template, you can import it by simply clicking on ‘Import’. As this process may take a few minutes to import content, images and widgets; please wait till you get the notification about the completion of the process.

If the demo import option is unavailable, you have to choose the option of setting up demo import through ‘.xml’ file. . To set up demo import via ‘.xml’, you have to go to the dashboard and click on the ‘Tools’ option on the left sidebar. After selecting ‘Tools’ options, scroll down to the bottom where you will find ‘WordPress Importer’.

Click on “Install” and activate it. After activation, you are provided with an option ‘Run Importer’.  Select the “Run importer” so that you can find an option to upload a ‘.xml’ file. Here you need to upload the demo data (.xml) file (which can be found by going to the theme zip file which you have downloaded and looking in the demo data folder of the theme zip file for a demo data file with ‘.xml’ extension) and click on the “Install” button to proceed with the installation.

In the next screen, you are asked to select the user, so use the select dropdown to pick you WordPress user and click “Next” to initiate the demo import. The completion of the import process may take a few minutes, so wait until you receive a message about the successful import.

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 You can watch the video here!

How to import demo content in wordpress website and customize it
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How to import demo content in wordpress website and customize it
A step by step process of how to import demo content in wordpress website and customize it according to your requirement.
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