15 Steps on how to grow your YouTube channel in 2020

15 steps on how to grow your YouTube channel

Thinking about how to grow your YouTube channel?
Wanna shoot up your video views?
Would you like to be popular on youtube?
Then these 15 guidelines are a godsend to you…..

1. Channel art

Most beginners rarely focus on channel art considering it merely frivolous. But that is the first mistake every competent Youtuber avoids. Channel art is the background image of your channel which grabs the viewer’s focus immediately.

Any professional Youtuber can tell you that channel art has to match your channel and represent it.
To do so, make sure your channel art is simple and informative and Ensure it is not too heavily focused on graphic content. You can also include your upload schedule and customise it with your image or your organisation logo based on the channel.

2. Profile Picture

This is the picture which can be considered the face of your channel.
We all know the importance of making a good first impression and in youtube, it is your profile picture which can either make or break a good lasting impression.

Choosing a relevant profile picture is the most fundamental step in attracting viewers to your channel. Be very cautious in selecting a profile picture for your youtube channel as it represents you everywhere on youtube such as in the Comments section, Search results, Your Videos and your Channel Page… etc.

how to grow your youtube channel

3. About Section

The ‘about’ section in youtube is of equal importance to communication in the corporate world. Some of you may find the comparison odd but in reality, it is one hundred per cent accurate.

Let me explain why I consider it so….
Any viewer looks at your ‘About’ section before considering whether to subscribe to your channel or just to simply know about your channel. So this section can be considered as an introduction to your channel and its promotion to the viewer. Hence the comparison to communication skills.

Also, make sure to keep the youtube algorithm in your mind and spread the keywords, you want your channel to rank for, in this section so that youtube can understand your channel better.

Last but not least you can ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel. You can also provide links to your social channels for your viewers to follow.

youtube channel about section

4. Playlist

Playlists are the lists of similar videos grouped together for the viewer convenience and ease of access. Most Youtubers may forget it, but they contribute a lot to both the session time and watch hours. So how do we get most out of playlists?

The important thing to watch out for is the naming of the playlist. Never give a playlist too generic name because it looks just plain and causes a lot of viewers to ignore your playlist.

Then how should you name it???

To attract viewer attention to your video your playlist name should scream results to the audience. So your playlist name must make the end goal of a viewer a reality. Hence your titles should be result specific.

youtube channel playlists optimization

5. Channel design

This is the most crucial step in the eventual success of your channel. Here we can give finishing touches to our channel to attract viewers’ attention.

Also, this is the place where we add an introduction video for new visitors and the most popular video of your channel for returning users.

In channel design, you can organise your videos, playlists to your preferences. Also, you can customise your channel appearance using the option ‘Customise your channel’. During the customisation, you can design the sections to present the list of playlists and videos with alternative views (Horizontal followed by vertical ). This is a proven strategy to give your channel a professional feel.

6. Right keywords

So what is the first thing you think about when you hear the word keyword? As the word itself implies it is an important word. In youtube, keywords are the words which a user enters in a search bar while looking for a particular video.

Hence choosing a relevant, high search volume and a low competitive keyword is very vital to gain a top rank in search results. You can say that a relevant keyword boosts your number of views by more than ten times.

7. Video Name

Most amateurs in youtube forget to rename the video using keyword and upload it with a default name. This causes a significant drop in the potential views for that particular video and to your channel which can, in turn, causes a setback to your goal of becoming a popular channel.

Therefore, never upload your video with a default name. Be sure to rename it with your keyword.

Note: while renaming please don’t choose random names like “my first video”, as people will not search using those words.

How to add FAQs Schema Markup to your webpage?

8. Video Title

Youtube algorithm looks at your video title to rank your video in search listings. Hence adding your primary keyword to the title improves your video ranking in the search listings.

Do ensure it contains a number (if there is scope) to increase the CTR. Also, use ‘[ ]’ to hold the important part of the title to highlight it for the users. Using [ ] brings viewers attention to the phrase contained in those brackets.

how to optimize video title on youtube

9. Video Description

This is the ‘about’ section for your video. As I have already explained the importance of the ‘about’ section I won’t repeat the same here.

Make sure to add your primary keyword in the description and be sure to describe in detail the content of your video. You can even add hashtags in the description and the first and foremost hashtag you have added in the description will display right on the top of the title.

You can also promote your social links in order to increase your followers across the social networks just as I explained in the ‘about’ section.

10. Thumbnail

Thumbnail is the image that you see before you click on any video on youtube. It plays a crucial role in increasing your click-through rate [CTR]. You should design your thumbnail in such a way that it attracts users by adding a short and precise title and relevant image.

Note: Never mislead users with the thumbnails which are faraway with the actual content of the video as it may lead to long term damage to your channel reputation.

youtube video thumbnail optimization

11. Tags

To rank in the Youtube search please follow the below guidelines while adding your video tags. You have to start with your primary keyword as the first tag followed by the tags with relevant keywords of the video. Also, you need to end the tag list with at least one or two keywords which represent the category of the video.

You may think “ how do I get all these tags? ”.

Here is how. You can get the keywords of a top-ranked video for your keyword by using tools like Tube Buddy. Now put these keywords in your tags section in the above-mentioned order.

By doing so, your video might end up listing in the recommended videos for the viewers who are watching your competitor’s video.

Note: Copy the keywords cautiously. Remove their brand keywords and consider only the relevant keywords for your video.

how to add tags to your youtube video

12. End Screens

The End screens provide you with an option to add video/playlist/subscribe button at the end of each and every video of your channel. This makes the viewers watch other videos on your channel which in turn helps you to improve the views and watch hours of your channel.

Also, the subscribe button in the end screen provides you with a chance to get more subscriptions.

13. Info cards

Info cards are the cards which will help you in getting views to underperforming videos from the videos which have a lot of views and are highly popular on your channel. These info cards can be added anywhere in the middle of a video. They will appear as a white strip with its title on the top right corner of the video. By adding this you can successfully divert traffic to the video you add as an info card. You can even conduct polls to interact with your audience.

14. Interactions

It is very important to get more interactions like comments, subscribers and likes in the first 48 hours after posting your video. If you are able to achieve this then youtube considers it as an informative video for viewers and it starts promoting your video on youtube home page then you can expect a gigantic rise in the number of views.

To get more interactions or to increase the number of interactions, you have to ask your viewers questions with multiple choice answers so that they can answer your questions with just a choice. Never ask your viewers a question without choices as it makes them think to comment and it might stop most of your audience from commenting.
Also remember, it is very important to respond to each and every comment you got as it improves the interactions and even helps you to build the relationship with your viewers.

15. Promotions

After uploading a video onto the youtube channel it is very important to promote it across multiple platforms to get the views.

The first question you need to ask yourself is: “How to promote your videos?”

Sharing is an important point to remember when dealing with the promotion of social media. The first step in the promotion of your channel is to start sharing your videos on the platforms like Quora and Reddit. Most people will directly post youtube video links on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Insta … etc, but that will not help you get the reach you want because those platforms won’t like to see their users navigating to other channels.

Then, how do you promote on social networks?

Crop a bite of your video and post it on the social channels you have with an attractive title and also add one more line ‘Full video in the comment’ along with it. Add your youtube video link on the comment section.

This way you can see your video get a better reach and more interaction on social channels. You can also get the clicks on your video link on the comment section.

By now, hope you can understand how to grow your youtube channel. Do comment your feedback! You can also share your youtube experiences below.

How to Grow your YouTube Channel – FAQ

How do I get more subscribers on YouTube 2020?

By creating playlists with results specific, adding end screens and subscribe to channel button and asking users to subscribe to your channel. Building the interaction with your audience by responding for each and every comment you have got.

How can I grow my YouTube channel for free?

Having a good intro video letting your audience know why should they subscribe to your channel, a good about section describing your expertise and what type of content you gonna share through this channel.

How do I make my YouTube channel popular?

Focus on one niche and offer good and quality information with your videos. Project your strength on that niche with a great description.

How do I get 4000 hours on YouTube?

Based on the type of content you are serving on your channel. the time it takes to accumulate watch hours will vary. Make sure the length of the videos you are posting are neither too long nor too short and provide interesting and informative content and make sure you add info cards and end screens to loop the audience around the videos in your channel.

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