madhan mohan tammineni
“What I unveiled was the hint to keep going. Pushing through doubts at that point changed everything” 

Madhan Mohan Tammineni

Web Developer & Digital Marketer

I, a full time software engineer by training, a digital marketeer by passion and a part time blogger, like most in my generation, became an engineer with ease. Developing websites, though not a bed of roses, never quite posed huge challenges but I needed to bring them up on the Search Engine Results Page, which got me strolling around the web to learn new stuff everyday and involve myself in the ever changing digital world.

It wasn’t too long before I plunged into the world of Digital Marketing and was fascinated by its charm. Now, building a website and marketing it on my own, adds to my experience and gives me immense satisfaction. With an experience of over 7 years, my aim is to furnish effective solutions for the issues you come across in the web world.