“What I unveiled was the hint to keep going. Pushing through doubts at that point changed everything” 

Madhan Mohan Tammineni

Web Developer & Digital Marketer

I, a full time software engineer by training, a digital marketeer by passion and a part time blogger, like most in my generation, became an engineer with ease. Developing websites, though not a bed of roses, never quite posed huge challenges but I needed to bring them up on the Search Engine Results Page, which got me strolling around the web to learn new stuff everyday and involve myself in the ever changing digital world.

It wasn’t too long before I plunged into the world of Digital Marketing and was fascinated by its charm. Now, building a website and marketing it on my own, adds to my experience and gives me immense satisfaction. With an experience of over 7 years, my aim is to furnish effective solutions for the issues you come across in the web world.

Learning Subject from a curated, organised,
well-structured source multiples the impact 1000 times

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SEO No. 1 Comprehensive Guide

An article on SEO – Search Engine Optimization  SEO is the process of getting traffic from free, organic, editorial, or natural search results on the search engines. Simply put, it's the name given to the activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings. In simple words we can say optimizing your pages in order to

Best Hosting for WordPress

This article is the guide to the best hosting for wordpress websites. I have been developing wordpress websites since 2013 and have developed 100’s of websites so far and have hosted them with multiple hosting providers. After all, I finally found the best hosting for wordpress websites recently. So, I decided to blog it up

How to add FAQs Schema Markup

FAQs schema markup will help you to display questions and answers in search results along with the url, title, and description. By adding this additional information in SERP, you can stand out from your competitors. Before we see how to implement FAQs schema markup on your website first, let's understand what is a schema markup

15 Steps on how to grow your YouTube channel in 2021

Thinking about how to grow your YouTube channel? Wanna shoot up your video views? Would you like to be popular on youtube? Then these 15 guidelines are a godsend to you….. 1. Channel art Most beginners rarely focus on channel art considering it merely frivolous. But that is the first mistake every competent Youtuber avoids.

Javascript Basics

You will be introduced to Javascript basics in this article with which you could get a decent understanding of this language. What is JavaScript? JavaScript is a programming language, using which you can create interactive web pages. Not, Just that. A full-fledged web/mobile app, real-time networking apps like chats and video streaming services, command-line tools

Services in Angular

A ‘Service’ in Angular is a class intended to perform a specific task. Generally, we create services in Angular based on our objective. Each and every objective will have its own service. Let’s take an example of a simple mathematical operation: Sum of two values should be logged in the output. In order to perform

Data Binding in Angular

Data Binding in Angular is the most vital feature as it defines the communication between Angular Component and View.Some examples of Data binding are: Storing input value in a variable, styling html tags,... etc.Based on the flow of data, Data Binding can classified into four types.The different forms of Data Binding are:Property Binding [ ]Interpolation

Angular Tutorial – Basics of Angular

The main aim of this Angular Tutorial is to provide you with an overview of the Evolution of Angular, Angular project setup using CLI and the building blocks of Angular. If you are new to Angular, then this article helps you to understand it.First of all, to get started with Angular, you need to have

10 SEO Plugins for WordPress 2021

In this articles you are going to learn the best SEO plugins for wordpress which can help you rank better.Have you ever given a thought about the measures taken to turn your website Google friendly?If the answer is no, then you have already fallen into a significant pitfall like many website owners. Now is the